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Kowa Vantelin Knee Support M 34cm~37cm

Kowa Vantelin Knee Support M 34cm~37cm

£ 11.68 £ 9.34

Item #: 4972422030094
Stock: 15 in stock

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Manufacturer info


Designed based on the theory of life taping used to support daily life.
・ It is support to go up and down the stairs.
・ U-shaped taping structure supports the knee from below and from the left and right, and suppresses the movement of the knee.
Just by attaching the Vantelin supporter, the movement of the knee is firmly supported and the kicking out of the foot becomes easier.
・ Slit knit structure smoothly supports knee bending and stretching. We reduce gap of supporter and control unpleasant biting at the time of bending. In addition, it is the point that it is hard to get stuffy while feeling a feeling of fitting & support by the mesh material.
-Left and right shared, 1 sheet.
・ Made in Japan.

How to use
(1) Pass the leg from the V mark.
(2) Adjust the position so that the U-shaped knit supports the knee plate from below.
With the legs extended, extend them well without sagging.
* Be sure to wear directly on the skin.
* Please note that if the wearing position is incorrect, proper function will not be obtained.


[Precautions for use]

 What you must not do1.

Do not use for the following people

(1) Immediately after injury such as sprain, bone fracture or ligament damage, the affected part has abnormalities.

(2) A person who has or seems to have peripheral blood circulation disorder.
(3) Persons with abnormalities such as wounds, swelling, eczema, etc. on the wear site.
(4) Chronic dermatitis and allergic persons due to synthetic fibers and rubber materials.
2. Please do not use other than specified part.
3. Please do not use anything that does not fit
4. Do not use while sleeping
If you experience the following symptoms during or after use, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.
Symptoms: rash, congestion, abnormal pain, swelling


[Notes on storage and handling]
(1) Do not place near fire or high temperature.
(2) Please keep out of reach of children.
(3) Please handle according to the washing instructions, as durability may be impaired.
(4) Please wash your hands whenever possible. If you use a washing machine, put it in a washing net and wash it.
(5) When washing, the color may fade at first, so please wash separately.
(6) Avoid forced drying such as dryers and irons.
(7) Please note that if you wear it incorrectly or if you apply strong force, it may be broken.


[Quality display]
nylon, polyurethane


[How to choose size]
Measure around your knees.
Size S Size: 31-34cm
Size M Size: 34cm ~ 37cm
Size L Size: 37cm-40cm
Size LL Size: 40-43cm
* If you fall into two sizes, we recommend the larger one.


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