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Shiseido Prepare Face For The Sled (L) (3 pieces)

Shiseido Prepare Face For The Sled (L) (3 pieces)

£ 2.71

Item #: 4901872835317
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Manufacturer info



● Easy-to-hold and easy-to-use handle based on ergonomic design.

● Easy-to-use size for the entire face such as cheeks and forehead, with a skin-friendly safety guard.


Product size: 66 x 210 x 9


Precautions for use: 

* A razor for the purpose of shaving. Please be careful when handling and storing.

* Do not use if you have scratches or swelling, or if your skin is in poor condition.

* If you have bubbles on your hands, it is dangerous to slip, so wash it off before using.

* Be careful not to cut your hands when removing the cap. Also, to protect the cutting edge, be careful not to hit the cutting edge with the cap when putting it in and out.

* After use, rinse well, drain, cap, and store in a dry place.

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6/07/2020 Monday

Safe cheap

It is cheap but easy to use and safe.
It is a minus that it rusts when placed in the bathroom.

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