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Fujifilm Instant Camera instax SQUARE SQ6 Graphite gray

Fujifilm Instant Camera instax SQUARE SQ6 Graphite gray

£ 171.56

Item #: 4547410373882
Stock: 3 in stock

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Manufacturer info



An analog instant camera dedicated to the square format.

By cutting out important moments with a square composition, you can leave them more attractive.


■Equipped with an auto mode that automatically adjusts to the optimum shutter speed and flash light amount according to the surrounding brightness. You can take bright and beautiful pictures even in a dark room.


■Automatically adjusts to the optimum brightness and shooting distance for selfies. You can easily shoot while checking the range reflected by the mirror next to the lens.


■Equipped with a double exposure mode that allows you to take artistic pictures by pressing the shutter twice and overlaying two images on one film.  

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